Total peace of mind knowing your business is safe in one place

We provide strategic advice to our clients and provide them with a comprehensive set of solutions.  We provide management consultancy, from start-ups to established companies;  public relations & media relations; government affairs; leadership development,  as well as capacity building for Charities and Foundations.

  • Fresh perspective, fresh set of eyes
  • To formulate an objective
  • To receive a view point and unbiased option based on years of broad experience working with a wide range of clients devising solutions which an individual may only experience once
  • To find a way to solve a challenge
  • To get things done faster
  • To get full-time attention on a problem area free of distraction normally experienced by staff and management
  • To fulfill jobs that a company sometimes cannot accomplish
  • To work your way through a new idea or implementation
  • You have  tried to tackle the difficulty yourself already but you do not have the specific knowledge and skills necessary to find a suitable solution
  • You do not have the time or personnel to provide solutions or take advantage of opportunities
  • you have tried everything you can do to make things better but efforts have not achieved long-term improvements
  • You need an opinion by someone independent of your organisation to either confirm a decision or suggest alternatives
  • you require help in turning an idea into a viable organisation with a business model tuned to your specific goals, needs and strategies
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