There are many reasons why you may want to expand your team and add a social media expert to it. One is social media is rapidly growing and is its own sector in itself so needs the care dedication and understanding in order for it to be fully successful and lucrative. Social media is a demanding beast that constantly wants to be fed and engaged with, it may be too needy for some as they don’t have the time or energy for the attention it needs and deserves. 

The second reason may be that your skillset doesn’t extend to the online world of engagement, shares, saves and likes and that’s nothing to be ashamed of! Having an expert on your team means that they’ll be able to analyse current approaches and make amendments according to the data they receive. Meaning any content that is put out is thoroughly planned and part of a larger scheme.

The third reason you may need to consider hiring a social media expert is that you need to take your online presence to the next level. Have you got a pretty good following and content that your audience engages with? Has your reach seemed to of plateaued? Then it may be time to shake up your strategy with some fresh perspective. 

Social media is an extension of your brand/ business, and the most successful ones use it to share a different side of themselves with their customers, not so uptight and corporate but approachable, fun and inspirational. The tone you use on social media is very important and could be the reason you gain or lose a customer. Having someone that can create a tone of voice suitable for your brand but more so for your audience can have a direct effect on your sales and customer retention. 

As mentioned before, people expect constant content, so having short time and long term content strategy relieves the pressure and makes posts, stories, highlights ect more effective. This is a time-consuming process, so having an expert means that you don’t have to worry about splitting your time.

Social Media Experts also create buzz and excitement by aligning brands and businesses with suitable Influencers to promote products and services, this extends your reach to potential new customers. Competitions and giveaways are another way excitement is creating around your brand/ business, having someone with the know-how and experience make it easier to execute successfully.

Joseph Media has a great social media background and can help you to meet your goals. 

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